The Garden of Eden – What really happened???

“According to the sacred scriptures Adam and Eve once lived in the Garden of Eden but got expelled or kicked out due to disobedience on the part of both of them…The story goes that Lucifer tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit…I have my own theory as to what went down in the Garden of Eden…The Garden of Eden was like heaven except it was a haven a heaven on earth…Therefore Lucifer had no access to the Garden of Eden because God himself walked in this Garden daily to visit Eve…The scriptures say that God walked in the Garden of Eden in Genesis…My theory and it is just a silly theory not to be taken literally or seriously at all…My Silly theory using my artistic license when writing in a creative manner is this…Sacred Scriptures were never meant to be written as mankind was not supposed to kill so many trees…That being said the trees have many stories to tell so I leave it to the trees to speak at the appointed time…Till then I have decided that it was a Serpent that did tempt Eve to eat the forbidden fruit…It was a very large Serpent as described in Sacred Scriptures but instead of Lucifer who was forbidden to enter the Garden of Eden it was Sha – An Interstitial Being that presented itself to Eve in the form of a very large serpent…Sha is reptilian and can shape shift and appear in various forms…In the Garden of Eden Sha suggested to Eve that she try the forbidden fruit for when she does Eve will become like God and learn knowledge of Good and Evil…Eve who loves God thought that Sha the very large Serpent’s suggestion sounded good so she tried the fruit and saw that it tasted good and handed some to Adam who also did eat…Then God walks in the Garden of Eden to discover that Eve and Adam had covered their naked bodies with leaves indicating by their pattern of their behavior and movements that the window’s of their eyes had been open to more knowledge…God noticed this change in their pattern of behavior and movements and decided to question Eve about the forbidden fruit and Eve admitted to having eaten the fruit…God having confirmed Eve’s disobedience through questioning Eve and Adam who also admitted he ate the fruit…God became angry and expelled Eve and Adam from the Garden of Eden…Sha was testing Eve to see could Eve Evolve…The name Eve suggests Evolution our creator whom we call God is really a mad scientist who has been creating living things on his planet earth for centuries in an effort to create an evolutionary species that could interact with and possibly work with Interstitial Beings as Keeper’s of the Keep…The Keep being Planet Earth…Now that Eve and Adam were kicked out of the Garden of Eden and had entered the rest of Planet Earth they were now on Lucifer’s stomping grounds…Lucifer a rebellious fallen angel set about seducing Eve…Eve being virtuous was not an easy lay shall we say…Lucifer then appears to Eve as her husband Adam at a time when Adam is hunting or busy doing something…Eve is fooled by Lucifer’s theatrics and allows what she thinks is her husband to lay with her…Eve had no idea it was Lucifer in the form of Adam her husband…Notice too that Eve and Adam were not formally married as marriage was not even a thing back then…Eve then becomes pregnant with twins and births two son’s Cain and Abel…The story goes that Cain who would be Lucifer’s son slew Abel…Pausing for a moment take another look at this…God is moody…God got angry and banned Eve and Adam from the garden of Eden and God says in sacred scriptures that he is a jealous God…Could it be that Cain was the son of God who slew Abel Lucifer’s son out of jealousy???…Seriously we truly do not know do we…Many Christians have a distorted view of the world and live according to religious rules that they themselves often fail to live up to…I do not have all the answers but this is my take on the Adam and Eve story…it is easy for mankind to blame Lucifer for many things and to let God off the hook…I suggest that both Lucifer and God are whack jobs they are both narcissistic and they are both masters…Lucifer is Master of Planet Earth in that Lucifer runs the world and the underworld including the restless spirits that wander earth due to not realizing that they are dead…God is master of the universe called Earth and of the rested spirits who are in Heaven…God also creates many living creatures…Both God and Lucifer are moody and they do not get along very well yet Lucifer manages to help God to see his light by suggesting that God test mankind such as when God tested Job in the book of Job found in sacred scriptures…Earth is a testing ground to see who among us both male and female can evolve into something other for a greater purpose…A number of us can evolve but sad to say a great number of us cannot evolve…Those among us that lie to cheat to kill and to destroy cannot evolve due to being too self destructive and also due to being too destructive of everyone and everything they touch…To evolve is to be able to be peaceful yet assertive and to be intelligent enough to understand that mankind has many dualities or contrasts and that many human beings say one thing and do another or say things that mean nothing and act in a totally opposite manner to the things they say…Eve was honest about her disobedience to God and as a result Eve could evolve…Many of Lucifer’s children can Evolve so long as they are not murderous thieves…The same is true of many of God’s children…Many of these children of both Lucifer and God are jealous types and as such often cannot evolve due to the ugly self destructive jealous emotion that exhibits concerning malicious behavior patterns that is jealousy…” – [Author – Alice Reilly ] – [Citing Sacred Scriptures as my Source of Inspiration for this short story.]