Prayer found in Luke Ch.’s 1 & 2

When it comes to prayer and what it means to pray you will find many prayers in holy scriptures…Luke for example has many prayers and especially in Chapter’s one and two…Not only do you find prayers you read stories and the stories are in and of themselves a form of prayer…I sang Luke Ch. 02 this morning…I was feeling tired and not up to singing but I did it as a prayer a labor of love a desire to sing God’s praises…I do not do this for fame or reward I do this as a hobby…Prayer is unique to each individual and how you pray is up to you…I recently realized that when we give our life over to God as we understand God to be that we do not need to pray for ourselves anymore rather it is good to pray for others…A very simple concrete concept of prayer is to pray for each other and so I pray for my son every day…As a parent I want what is best for my son and so I pray for him…I am not a perfect mother but like any parent I do my best…Forgiving ourselves when we make mistakes is also a form of prayer and forgiving others their faults is also prayer…I spent too much time pointing my ugly finger at others forgetting that when I do that I have three finger’s pointing back at me…One of my brothers named Bernard taught me that and it is a valuable lesson…I have not always been right in how I acted and to remedy for this I pray every day for my son and for my family…I talk to my elderly mother regularly now and she is doing very well…She is eighty eight years old and still driving…Thank you for your follows likes and shares and I hope you enjoy Luke Chapter’s one and two in song…Luke is full of prayers which I appreciate since singing holy scripture is a form of prayer…

Luke Chapter One
Luke Chapter 02