Source Of My Inspirations

The name for my blog and my you tube channel which bears the same name is inspired by Sacred Scriptures…I was inspired to launch my blog to write a series of reflections based on a book of prose by Akiane Kramarik titled My Dream Is Bigger Than I — Memories of Tomorrow …Love Is Never Alone…I call my series of reflections The Lamentations of The Unborn which is organized like a book with a drop down menu listing each section… I was inspired to sing Sacred Scriptures which is what prompted me to launch my you tube channel…The name for my blog and you tube channel is derived from sacred scriptures found in King Solomon’s Canticle of Canticles found in chapter 6 verse 12 and chapter 7 verse 1 found on page 616 in the Douay-Rheims Holy Bible…The featured image I choose is an artistic version of your blogger where I see fit to say that “I am the voice of the slain”…In the mystical sense that is what my blog is about life and living and the slain…The Lamentations of the Unborn is my mystical memorial for all of the slain…I had no idea five years ago that I would launch a growing blog and you tube channel and become a Psychic Life Coach also known as a Diviner Energy Reader…I am forty eight years old as I write this wee about section…I was born and reared in Ireland…I am one hundred percent Irish…My lineage can be traced via the Princes of Breifne the High Kings of Ireland all the way back to the tribe of Dan…I do not consider myself as being much of anything so here goes…I describe myself in a very silly manner as follows…I’m a nobody nothing meaningless creature who does not exist — if you blink 3 times I will disappear!!! — What I am saying here is that is how I felt growing up as the fifth child out of eight children in an Irish Catholic home with a narcissistic mother and an alcoholic father…I felt invisible most of my life and I was repeatedly told I was nothing and would never amount to much…I like to joke that I graduated magna cum lately from the school of stupidity and I started the society of stupid women who do stupid things for no reason at all…I actually did complete six years of college which includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Economics minor and two years of nursing school as well as computer science coursework…I made the national Dean’s list and National President’s list in college…I wrote my first computer program using basic around the age of eleven in Ireland with a sibling of mine…I forget my exact age but we successfully got the Basic computer program to work so that we could play a basic computer game…That was in the 1980’s more than thirty years ago…I am also a traditional Irish musician and I write my own songs and tunes…I play music by ear meaning I never learned how to read music from music sheets…I discovered during choral training years ago that my voice range is Alto so no soprano noises for me when I sing…Knowing my self is the greatest gift I received as the years passed this self knowledge has helped me to understand myself and others and to continue to grow as I develop my skills…I like to joke that I am bossy at nothing when I am actually doing something…I like to make much ado about nothing at all and I am big into comedy and humor as the best natural elixir for dreary days…I designed my blog to look like a book…I did this with the purpose of presenting to the world a series of reflections and the book of my own life…We are all a part of a book of life…We all get to write our own futures based on decisions we make good bad or indifferent…”The future never gives up” [Ilia Kramarik] but sadly many human beings give up on their own futures…As I continue to add content to my blog I also added an option to purchase Divine Energy Readings with instructions on how to obtain your reading once you pay through Paypal…I am excellent at interpreting dreams and my callers do not have to tell me anything more than just their first name and their age…I do not need date of birth or other details…Once my series of reflections on Akiane’s amazing book are complete I will do the same based on her brother Ilia’s book titled The Future Never Gives up…Explore my blog and enjoy the show…My blog is a show consisting of reflections and you tube stuff which offers many things…I do a lot of stuff on you tube…I view the world like a Camelot and I am like the Lady of Shalott a fictional character from the poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson (1832) Except I say since Camelot is boring and has nothing to offer and there is no such thing as a Sir Lancelot I laugh a lot instead and scratch my head and weave away upon my mystical loom of creative writing and you tubing and guiding my callers many who are often foredoomed by their own webs and mystical looms caused by myriads of bad choices…We write our own scripts which can be very good or bad depending on choices made…In the poem The Lady of Shalott this lady becomes besotted by Sir Lancelot whom she goes out to meet and in the process of trying to find Sir Lancelot The Lady of Shalott dies…I say to myself in today’s Camelot there is no such thing as a sir anything never mind a sir Lancelot so I laugh a lot and put zero effort whatsoever into considering looking for a sir of any kind…The last verse is my favorite part of Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem (1832) titled The Lady of Shalott which I quote here:

The Lady of Shalott Part IV last verse [Alfred Lord Tennyson 1832]

“They cross’d themselves, their stars they blest,
Knight, minstrel, abbot, squire, and guest.
There lay a parchment on her breast,
That puzzled more than all the rest,
       The wellfed wits at Camelot.
‘The web was woven curiously,
The charm is broken utterly,
Draw near and fear not,—this is I,
       The Lady of Shalott.”

…This poem speaks to me because for years I felt dead inside and I can relate to This Lady of Shalott in a mystical way…As for curses though I simply return those curses to to their sources with maximum mystical forces not known to the wicked who do such curses…

I invite you to Explore my blog and enjoy the journey and experience of exploring my blog and you tube channels…If you wish to purchase a Divining Energy Reading you will be pleased with the results…You will find the link to purchase your Divining Energy Readings on my blog on both my Contact page and on the main home page…In the process of exploring my blog you will study little old me and learn a lot about your blogger and you tuber along the way…Continue to scroll down to learn more fun facts about your little blogger and you tuber…

Did you know you can request your individual Divining Energy Reading here:

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I am a no tools Diviner Energy Reader I only need your first name and age to provide feedback and answer any burning questions you may have about life love and career…Price is $33.00 for 33 minutes…All purchases are non-refundable…Follow these instructions to obtain your reading…A: Pay through Paypal… B: Contact me through the Contact Page on this blog…Provide a working phone number and your schedule of times you can receive a phone call… C: You will receive a phone call from a blocked line…During the times you provide…Be sure to mention the time zone of the time you wish to be called… D: At the time of your phone reading I ask that you not be driving or doing other things…I ask that you be in a quiet place and relaxed so that you can absorb the reading…


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Did you know my favorite fictional character of all time is Forrest Gump from the movie Forrest Gump…I view life like apple pie and as such life is what you make of it…

Did you know my favorite quote from sacred scriptures is “The Lord Causeth the Rain to fall on the Just”…[Matthew Chapter Five Verse 45]

In fact I love this scripture verse so much I was inspired to write a song titled “The Lord Causeth The Rain To Fall On The Just”

Did you know that I write many of my own songs featured on this You Tube Channel:

Songs I wrote

Did you know my favorite comedians are three Number One is — Seinfeld — Number two is — Weird Al Yankovic — Number three is — Monty Python —

Did you know my favorite singer changes day to day because I love all kinds of music and I study every genre of music imaginable…

Did you know that I am an avid animal lover so much so that I have playlists on you tube showcasing my love for animals…

— My Dogs R Us Playlist — Feelin Da Luv —
My wild cat playlist — For cat lovers everywhere wild cats are the best from our time in the Canary Islands
Irish Snails R Fun to watch — Ireland
— Sea Lions are amazing creatures — Canary Islands
Miniature white pony’s r real folks check this out from the Canary Islands
Dolphins are very intelligent and awesome too — Canary Islands
My Creatures of Turkey Playlist — Kusadasi Turkey

Did you know I love indigenous food and cultures

— Turkish Food N Culture is wonderful —

Did you know I purchased an indigenous instrument in Turkey and learned how to play it in under twenty minutes and recorded my original tune titled The Princes of Breifne in Turkey…

Music I performed in Turkey Playlist

Did you know that I can sing in five languages which are English — Spanish — French — German — Gaelic and that I know a few phrases of a number of other languages. The only language I am fluent in is English…

I wrote this song and sing it in five languages
— I wrote this song inspired by the book The Art of War and sing it in five languages —

Did you know that French is my favorite language — Celine Dion and Francis Cabrel are my favorite French Singers —

— I luv French so much I enjoy singing in French — This song by Celine Dion describes how people seldom really do change for the better —

Did you know that I predicted who would win this year’s USA Election and who won the previous USA Election — I was right with both predictions — Though I have a feeling that Biden’s triumph will be very short lived. — Meaning Biden’s victory will not last very long. — Nothing against Biden this is a mystical prediction nothing more and nothing less.

Did you know that I escaped near death a number of times — I was born premature and would have died without incubation and intensive care. I was pulled from a car fire as a small child by my heroic oldest brother who saved my life. I got lost once as a young girl and it took my father a few hours to find me which scared the bejesus out of my poor parents…

Did you know that my father told me that women today cannot depend on men to provide for them and to be there for them that I better get an education to avoid becoming homeless in my future. My father told me that he hoped that I would find a man who would build a house for me. My father told me that I am a good provider.

Did you know that my mother adored all of her eight children despite serious emotional problems rearing us. My mother and father welcomed all eight of us into the world with open arms never questioning or considering limiting the birth of their children. My mother and father were excellent providers and cooks…My mother loved to sing and is a lovely singer…My father loved to play the accordion and taught me how to play the tin whistle…I get my many gifts of singing and music from my parents. My mother has divining abilities and had dreams that came true over the years. My mother has many gifts which sad to say my mother squandered. My mother and father were very bright in their own ways though neither parent had a formal college education…My father was an excellent tailor who ran his own tailoring business in New York City in the 1960’s…My father was an avid animal lover and birds landed on his hands…Robins were notorious for landing on my father’s gentle hands…My mother loves children and shared many an ice cream treat and meals with our neighboring children in Ireland…

— My Traditional Irish Music Session playlist including my own original tunes and songs — My musical gifts and talents are the gifts of my fathers and my father’s fathers —

Did you know that in the year 2017 I literally climbed a difficult mountain with my son and made it all the way to the top and half way down. I was rescued by a wonderful mountain rescue team and my rescue became part of a documentary that aired in Ireland and the UK…You can download footage of my rescue from this link: — This is Vimeo footage of my rescue…

Did you know that I wrote a song titled True Grit about my victory which was that I made it to the top of that mountain to show the world that determination and will power is found in True Grit…

Did you know that I have traveled to Ten Countries. Numbered as follows: 1 — Ireland my birth country and homeland 2 — America my homeland away from homeland Ireland where I obtained my college education and worked for many years — 3 France — Paris and the Pyrenees 4 — Portugal Lisbon and Nazare Beach 5 — Turkey Kusadasi and Ephesus 6 — China Hong Kong and the Shrunken China Park in neighboring mainland China 7 — South Korea – Seoul on my way to China 8 — Lanzarote Canary Islands 9 – Canada Niagra Falls Montreal and Quebec 10 England on my way back to America from Ireland..

My Scenic Kusadasi Turkey Playlist
My Ephesus Turkey Playlist
My epic falconry school playlist from our time at Ashford Castle in Ireland
Epic Fire Mountain Playlist Timanfaya National Park Canary Islands
Epic educational playlist from Fire Mountain Timanfaya National Park Canary Islands
Epic Dromedary Ride Playlist Timanfaya National Park Canary Islands
Epic Board Show Playlist Canary Islands
Oceans are epic and we have sailed on many a sea from Cape Cod MA Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket and other parts of our amazing oceanic world

Did you know …………Namaste………… is my favorite greeting

Did you know that Sacred Scriptures inspired me to launch my you tube channel for purposes of singing Sacred Scriptures

— I was inspired by Sacred Scriptures to Launch my You Tube Channel this playlist is the entire Book of Daniel from Douay-Rheims — Did you know that Daniel was a Diviner who was excellent at explaining mystical and hidden things including dreams. — Similar to Joseph found in the book of Genesis. —
— Genesis Playlist all chapters — Douay-Rheims — Did you know that Joseph found in Genesis who in Genesis Chapter 37 was sold by his brethren and carried into Egypt was a Diviner who like Daniel could interpret dreams and knew hidden things —
— Did you know that the inspiration for the name of my blog comes from King Solomon’s Canticle of Canticle’s chapter six verse twelve and chapter seven verse one — This song is inspired by Sacred Scriptures particularly King Solomon’s Canticle of Canticles —
— Isaias all chapters — What Isaias said has happened —
— Jeremias all chapters — What Jermemias said has happened —
The Lamentations of Jeremias
— Habacuc all chapters — What Habacuc said will be done —
— The New Testament Matthew all chapters — Jesus Christ Came to spread the word of God so that mankind would live life more abundantly — Mankind did not listen and so what Isaias said has happened and what Habacuc said will be done and what Jesus Christ said in the New Testament convicts the wicked and the fallen angelic realm and confirms the Just — Jesus Christ fulfills the Old Testament —
— The New Testament — Mark all Chapters — What Jesus Christ Prophesied will be done for the New Testament Fulfills the Old Testament and convicts the wicked and confirms the Just —
— Exodus Chapter 20 — Not too much to ask —